Autosealer 5220

Autosealer 5251

Autosealer 5250

Autosealer 5500

Autosealer 5225

Art of Ammunition Sealing

Ammunition Sealant to Glass Tube and White Plastic Bullet

Autosealer 5500 with Blank Cartridge Option

5500 Close-up of 3500 Valve

Stella Ammunition Projectile Tip Sealant Dispensing System

Hernon pick and place bullet sealing system

Automatic apply Hernon # 59621 Autosealer 5000 200ppm 5.56

Hernon Pick and Place Sealing Robot

Projectile Sealant Assembly

Primer Sealant Assembly

Sureshot 3500 Micro-Jet Ammunition Sealing

Sealant applied to Acrylic Sleeve and White Plastic Bullet