External Ammunition Sealants


  • Single component, low viscosity, U.V. anaerobic sealants which penetrate,
    bond and seal primers and bullets in ammunition.
  • Sealed ammunition meets and exceeds the US Army, US Navy and NATO
    wet and desert atmosphere leak tests just minutes after application
  • Cures upon exposure to 5-7 seconds of UV light and is formulated for high
    speed production environments
  • Cured adhesives are visible under black light for vision inspection
  • Excellent solvent and environmental resistance suitable for temperatures -40ºF to 400ºF (-40ºC to 204ºC).
  • AVAILABLE IN RED (59621 & Low Odor 76084), GREEN (59681), BLUE (59521), BLACK (59622) AND CLEAR (59541).

Blank Ammunition Sealant 48641 (Purple)

TDS: 48641

  • Medium viscosity, UV curable compound for coating and sealing blank ammunition tips
  • Cures upon exposure to UV light within 2 seconds
  • Sealant discharge particles will not perforate paper witness plates upon discharge
  • Formulated for high speed production lines
  • Asphalt Based Sealant

    TDS: 650

  • Environmentally safe, water based asphalt sealant for waterproofing ammunition
  • Formulated to waterproof and seal interfaces between bullets and cartridges & internal coating and sealing of various caliber ammunition
  • On larger caliber ammunition, Bullet Proof 650 is used to create a barrier coating on the inside of shells to prevent the reaction of the cartridge and the ignition powder
  • Bullet Proof 650 is approved by the US Army TDP for small caliber ammunition
  • Shotgun Shell Sealants

    TDS: 721, 55391

    • Hernon® offers many specialized products for shot shell production including:
    • Primer Cup External Sealants – Waterproof press fit primer cups to shell casings. UV curable or solvent based formulas and several color options are available to choose from.
    • Crimp Sealants – Crimp sealants for buffer retention, water resistance and waterproofing. Sealant options include UV curable, acrylic/water-based or solvent-based.
    • Paper-shell Waterproof Sealant – Hydrophobic; humidity and water protection of paper shot shells. Water-based or solvent-based options available.

    Grenade Fuse Sealant

    TDS: 40995

    • Single component, low viscosity, ultraviolet and anaerobic curing system
    • Cures to a high performance thermoset plastic suitable for temperatures of -40ºF up to 400ºF (-40ºC to 204ºC)

    40 MM M781 Practice Cartridge

    • 47371 Projectile Body Cartridge Case Interface
    • Instantbond® 117: Windshield Projectile Body Interface
    • 59621 External Ammunition Sealant for Cartridge Primer