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Ammunition is not traditionally sealed against water and the ammunition casing is not sufficient protection in inclement weather or marine environments. Hernon Manufacturing has developed patented systems for sealing ammunition against water and other contaminants. Our sealants ensure reliable ammunition performance including improved ballistic precision and allow the user to move freely through and below water environments confident that their ammunition will not be compromised. Hernon ammunition sealant technology includes next generation, solvent-free ammunition sealants that can augment crimping, high efficiency UV LED curing lights and precision dispensing systems for small and large scale manufacturing environments.

Ammunition sealants

  • Committed to delivering solutions for adhesive and sealants, dispensing and curing.
  • Crimp augmentation for frangible and match ammunition
  • External ammunition sealants
  • Blank ammunition sealant
  • Shotgun shell sealant
  • Grenade fuse sealant
  • And more!

Sealing systems & equipment

  • Providing solutions for nearly four decades
  • Precision processing equipment
  • Non-contact Dispensing
  • Vision inspection
  • Curing systems
  • Parts loading
  • And more!

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Applications beyond ammunition sealing

Hernon® is business to business manufacturer and supplier of advanced adhesives and sealants as well as the associated dispensing and curing systems. In addition to ammunition sealant technology, Hernon® products are used in dozens of other industries including: Energy/Power Generation, Medical, Electronics, Electrical, UV LED, Automotive, Appliances, Sporting Goods, Ammunition, Communications, Aerospace, Aviation, Audio, Defense, Fire Suppression, Transportation, Marine and more. Hernon’s headquarters is in Sanford (Orlando), Florida, USA and Hernon products are sold to manufacturers in over 57 countries from hundreds of distributor locations including 6 regional offices around the globe.

Advancements in ammunition sealant technology

In addition to perfecting the application of solvent-less sealants for ammunition, Hernon® recently announced the development of next generation ammunition sealants which can augment and homogenize crimping pressures in addition to sealing against water and other contaminants. Due to low viscosity and wicking properties, these next-gen external ammunition sealants are distributed evenly around the cartridge case mouth and base of the projectile. This even distribution results in uniform bullet pull strength and a more stable release and flight pattern for the bullet ultimately producing improved shot group precision.

Learn more by reading the article “Ammunition Sealants and Bullet Pull Strength”


MIL-A-46106A MIL-A-46050C MIL-R-46082B MIL-S-22473E MIL-S-46163A MIL-I-17563C ASTM D 5363

Accurizer 1 Testing PowerPoint Presentation

Benefits of Hernon Ammunition Sealing Technology

Initial trials showing reduction in standard deviation and extreme spread

40 MM M781 Practice Cartridge

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