The World Leader in Ammunition Sealant Technology!

Ammunition is not traditionally sealed against water and the ammunition casing is not sufficient protection in inclement weather or marine environments. Hernon Manufacturing has developed patented systems for sealing ammunition against water and other contaminants. Our sealants ensure reliable ammunition performance including improved ballistic accuracy and allow the user to move freely through and below water environments confident that their ammunition will not be compromised.


  • Committed to delivering TOTAL SOLUTIONS
  • World-class high-performance products
    • ◦ External ammunition sealants
    • ◦ Blank ammunition sealant
    • ◦ Shot shell solutions
    • ◦ Grenade fuse sealant
    • ◦ And more!
  • Providing solutions for nearly four decades.
  • Precision processing equipment
    • ◦ Parts loading
    • ◦ Dispensing
    • ◦ Vision inspection
    • ◦ Curing systems
    • ◦ And more!

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    MIL-A-46106A MIL-A-46050C MIL-R-46082B MIL-S-22473E MIL-S-46163A MIL-I-17563C ASTM D 5363