Hernon® offers custom designed and/or off-the-shelf tabletop and stand-alone dispensing systems that can be integrated into existing assembly processes. Hernon® has developed this line of products to meet today’s stringent production demands that require extreme accuracy and repeat-ability.

Autosealer® 5500

Data Sheet

  • Precisely seals and cures up to 300 ppm
  • Designed to feed all calibers
  • Easily switch between calibers in minutes
  • Adjustable rotary dial transports cartridges for sealant dispensing and instant UV curing
  • Capable of sealing blank ammunition
  • Color touchscreen HMI control module
  • Utilizes Hernon’s Sureshot® 3500 dispensing valves and an array of Ultracure®9 UV LED curing components

Autosealer® 5200 Inline Conveyor Series

  • The Autosealer® 5200 series is a family of straight conveyor ammunition sealing system
  • Designed for easy integration into existing manufacturing systems
  • Supports a wide variety of ammunition types and sizes
  • Seals up to 200 rounds per minute
  • Utilizes Hernon’s Sureshot® 3500 microjet dispensing technology and the Ultracure® 9 UV LED curing light to precisely seal and cure each bullet

Production speeds: Contingent on cartridge size
Autosealer® 5200: 60 ppm
Autosealer® 5215: 120 ppm
* Capable of sealing blank ammunition at 120 ppm
Autosealer® 5225: 200 ppm
* Capable of sealing blank ammunition at 120 ppm
Autosealer® 5230: 240 ppm
* Capable of sealing blank ammunition at 120 ppm
Autosealer® 5250: 60 ppm
* Large caliber ammunition sealing system: .50 caliber and up.

Bowl Feeding System

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Bowl Diameter: 24”
  • Supports a variety of ammunition types and sizes
  • Quick Caliber change over (Estimated 15 minutes)
  • Includes conversion wheel and two diverter arms
  • Production Speeds: 9mm calibers run at 200 ppm & .338 calibers run at 90 ppm.
  • Includes “Zig-Zag” magazine for precision part placement (see image below)
  • Capable of sealing calibers up to and including 50 cal.

Accurizer – Manual Sealing Kit

  • For craft manufacturers and reloaders
  • Protect ammunition against water and other contaminants
  • Seal store-bought or re-loaded ammunition
  • Ammunition ready for use the next day
  • Seal various calibers and types
  • Learn more at www.accurizer.com